Market holds will begin on March 9th, you can avoid holds and protect your account by enabling the Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator now.
What is a trade or market hold?
A hold is a period of time where items are held by Steam before a trade is completed or a Market listing is posted.
Items holds help protect your items
Steam accounts are valuable, especially if they have items worth stealing. If you haven’t protected your account with a physical device (the Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator), a trade hold will give you time to discover your account has been compromised and to prevent your items from leaving your account.
A delay to catch and stop item theft
If a user trading away or selling items hasn’t had their account protected by a Mobile Authenticator for the past 7 days:
Trades: item delivery from completed trades will be delayed by Steam for up to 3 days
Market: starting March 9th, sell listings will be held by Steam before they are posted, for up to 15 days

This provides the user time to cancel any pending transactions they didn’t authorize.

Cancelling trades that are pending or in a trade hold will begin a trading cooldown on your account to prevent any further unauthorized attempts to trade away items. There is no cooldown for cancelling market listings.
Remove the need for item holds
Using a Mobile Authenticator ensures that you and only you can trade or sell your items quickly and securely, so holds are no longer necessary. Increase your account security by getting the Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator for iOS and Android devices.
Read the Steam blog post about account security for a detailed explanation on why we implemented holds.

大致翻译如下(译文来自CSGO饰品交易吧,作者川真冬 /

1. 未绑定手机验证的账户,交易暂挂将从现有的3天延长到15天(保持长期好友时的交易暂挂还是1天)
2. 依旧是针对未绑定手机验证的账户,市场上架物品后,物品将15天内不会被售出,类似于暂挂,15天后才会被valve上架到市场
3. 针对所有steam用户,无论绑没绑客户端验证,3月6日之后v社客服将永久停止手动恢复库存服务。简单的说,只要是通过steam市场上架交易走和玩家间交易走的物品,哪怕是被盗号人转走,steam也不会再帮助恢复库存了。换句话说3月6日之后市场将不会有新增的复制品。




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