CSGOLounge(菠菜网) 5.17升级部分功能


其次,菠菜还提高了押注上限,单个物品最高允许押注由之前的75刀提升到了125刀,MAX BET大洗牌,那些75刀的垃圾刀要被扫进历史的垃圾堆了,_(:зゝ∠)_。随着押注上限的提高,菠菜网更新了可压注道具数据。





CSGOLounge 2016 May Update ‪#‎Hype‬ 😀

So, as some of you may have noticed, there’s been a couple major updates at csgolounge.

First and most foremost, we’ve changed our drafting mechanism!

This means, everyone should now get their exact potential reward! (So there’s NO LONGER underpays and winning nothing at all 🙂 )

Secondly, we’ve increased the bet limit (from $300 to $500 – meaning we now have a $125 item limit) & we’ve added new betable skins to our betting pool!

However, we know a lot of people are still struggling to withdraw their returns. This is because almost 1/4 of our bots are currently offline and are undergoing maintenance. This process may take a quite a few more days to complete – but don’t worry, your items are safe and awaiting your collection.

Sorry for the inconvenience… and we hope you will enjoy our updates!

More to come, soon™.

If you encounter any bugs or want to give us some feedback on our update, feel free to do so on our forum:


CSGL Staff.



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